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Recharge mobile allows you to reload airtime and data in more than 21 African countries and from any local mobile operator (Orange, MTN, Moov...).

Reload your phone credit, online, at any time, and from anywhere for all mobile networks! Recharge Mobile allows you to top-up airtime and data for yourself or your family while you're abroad, or within Africa

For more details, please check the "How it works" page

Well it’s pretty easy!

  1. Enter the phone number to top up
  2. Select the mobile network
  3. Select the top-up amount amongst those displayed
  4. Pay safely
  5. Your top-up is sent right away and both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation

  1. As soon as the payment is accepted, we send you a receipt by email, and the operator of the recharged number is requested to recharge the credit.
  2. In 98% of cases, the operator accepts the requests in less than 5 minutes after the payment is completed (*).
  3. In case the operator does not accept the recharge request, of when this request cannot be immediately transmitted, we inform you by email and we keep trying for as long as 2 working days.
  4. If the requests keeps failing, we will contact you by email and you can either transfer this credit to another number, or be reimbursed.

(*) based on statistics on the first 3 months of 2020

You may select one of several payment methods, the list of which may vary with countries; they usually include credit cards and one or several mobile money methods.

Prices are always displayed at least in the currency of the recharge, and in the currencies that will be proposed for payment when they differ.

The payment currency and the payment methods that are available for your purchase can be selected at the checkout, where the price is displayed both in the recharge and the payment currencies.

If the phone number you indicated cannot receive a recharge (for example because it is not a valid number) and your payment has been accepted, you may ask for the credit to be transferred to another number (same recharge amount, or recharge of at most same price as the price you paid). In any case, after 2 working days, if we were not able to deliver the credit, you will be informed by email and we will propose you to recharge another number.

If you have already paid and the phone number you entered has been reloaded, we will not be able to reimburse you. So please make sure to double check the phone number before completing your transaction.

The and all our technical partners use the HTTPS protocol, which secures all the information that is communicated between your browser and the online services that are used during the transaction.

Regarding payment itself, Recharge Mobile allows you to pay by card or Mobile Money for some countries. The list of proposed payment methods may vary and it always clearly presented at the time of confirming the purchase (checkout), as well as the name of the payment partner who will take in charge the payment itself.

Recharge Mobile delegates payment operations to specialized partners and has never access to payment details information (such as full credit card number, PIN, mobile money secret code...).

You can contact our Customer Service by filling our contact form which is available here.
We will get back to you shortly.

Recharge Mobile makes it easier to use mobile phones and Internet in Africa, thanks to a turn-key solution for reloading credit at anytime with only a few clicks, from anywhere in the world and for all mobile networks

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Be the first to hear about our promotional offers and news !

Be the first to hear about our promotional offers and news !

Be the first to hear about our promotional offers and news !